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 What to Roll and What Not to roll in an instances?

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What to Roll and What Not to roll in an instances? Empty
PostSubject: What to Roll and What Not to roll in an instances?   What to Roll and What Not to roll in an instances? Icon_minitimeWed Apr 23, 2008 2:17 pm

Due to the ever increasing number of 70s in our guild. Please ASK before you roll. Don't roll immediately =S
There are a few problems when it comes to rolling for epic items.
Here are some guidelines:

Do NOT roll NEED on something that you would NOT use and plan to have it as part of your collection. There will be others in the raid who needs it more then you. Level 70s, please note NOT to roll on lvl 60 items since you can get lvl 70 weapons easily


  • Anything with + Defensive Ratings in it.

  • Anything with + Dodge ratings

I do NOT care if the item dropped is much better then yours, If you are NOT planning to be a tank. Do NOT roll.

DPS Items

Please correct me if I am wrong. but here is my current understanding of DPS class.

Rogues + Hunters -> Agi Items + Ap items. That means NO ROLLING ON spell damage items, str items, dodge ratings, defensive ratings + many more

-> Str + Stamina. If you are TANK, [i]roll for tank items
. If you are dps, then jeez, dont roll for tank items. =S its that simple really.

Holy => If you are planning to heal, ROLL for healing items. Please DONT roll for anything else. I know you are not going to stay in one spec for ever BUT there's other people that need the items more then you at that point of time. You will have a lot more chances later on.

Prot => Tank Items. Enough Said.

Ret => Dps Items with Str, Agi. ONLY ROLL FOR DR when everyone else do not need them >_>

Mages + Warlocks => Roll for spelldamages only. Not HEALING STATS + SPELLDAMAGES. Those are meant for holy priests.


Holy/Discipline => Healing stats + Spelldamages

Shadow => Spelldamage

Shamans => Same as Paladins


If you already have a set of t6, Please DO NOT ROLL for another t6 as another player in the raid might need it.
I do NOT care if you want to complete your collections of t6 for each spec. I can NOT specify this more clearly. You may only roll if no one else wants or needs it. Otherwise please keep your fingers off the need button. Roll Greed instead.

I will add more as more raids go on =S. But seriously, its very annoying to raid very hard and have the end drops rolled by a person who simple wants it for the sake of having it.
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What to Roll and What Not to roll in an instances?
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