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 2.4 Update on Bwow

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I talk a lot
I talk a lot

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2.4 Update on Bwow Empty
PostSubject: 2.4 Update on Bwow   2.4 Update on Bwow Icon_minitimeMon Apr 21, 2008 7:34 am

well heres a big thread on the bugs that have been found on the 2.4 update yesterday. Quite a lot of pages to read
Heres the 2.4 bugs thread

I'll sum up some changes:

Not much scripted yet. Kandy took it out for the moment because it was causing a lot of server crash

Pets got wiped (because too many people were using bugged/exploit pets before)
Hunter traps not working

Holy shock + seal of righteous don't work at all (so really bad news for holy pally)

Totem, Wind fury, Lightening overload not working properly

Apparently they do crazy amount of ambush damage after using it with shadowstep. (5k crit with level 70 rogue)
I haven't tested this out myself yet
Stealth bug seemed to be fixed now. That is, No More getting out of combat by spamming escape!! At least thats what I saw with Ryuukira's duel testing. I hope it is really fixed, those rogues that abuse it is so damn annoying.....ok lol thats my rant cos I never use it so i don't think they should be allowed too.

Renew got fixed
The DOTs on shadow spells got fixed, mind flay etc (proper damage now)
Rank one healing bonus got fixed. No longer can you spam rank one heal with minimum mana =p

HOTs fixed

Execute don't work
Cannot stack both shouts at the same time (commanding&Battle)

General things
Friend list got wipe (><)
Mail is not working properly. You can only receive money from it. The item is lost
Some people lost their professions. Or their profession skill point decreased
Cannot resepc (oh em Edit: Ryuukira told me the trainers in Undercity works for respec
More minning veins
Can't learn from Patterns/formula/recipes
Seems like combat log is bit buggy.
Linking items will appear in some funky code

Hopefully these are still in work in progress for being fixed as the update only came out yesterday so I'm sure Kandy is still trying to tweak it. Every update is like this. Hectic in the frist few days.
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2.4 Update on Bwow
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