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 Serenity Fact File

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I talk a lot

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PostSubject: Serenity Fact File   Serenity Fact File Icon_minitimeSun Jan 06, 2008 7:42 pm

Guild name: Serenity (Horde)
Established: 24th December 2007
Server: Bloodmyst
Guild master: Dreams
Vice-Guild master: Synx, Undeadkiller
Number of Members: 90+ and growing

PMs for guild invite: Dreams, Synx, Undeadkiller, Numenor, Gisoro, Dawnbringer....or ask any serenity member that you come accross and they will put in a word for you in the guild chat.
Currently recruiting: more priests, druids, shamans

General info:
Serenity is a fun and friendly guild where our members help each other out. We do guild events from time to time with nice prizes, and also organize guild raids. If you need help, our higher level guildes or the level 70s will be glad to give you a hand, that is, if they are not busy themselves Razz They can also help you run through instances, but keep in mind the level 70s are not our slaves silent

Guild bank: is up and running. It is for all to contribute and share items around. Guild vaults can be locted in the banks in every major city.

Most important fact: We have fun Razz
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Serenity Fact File
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