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 Solution to profession bugs

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I talk a lot
I talk a lot

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Solution to profession bugs Empty
PostSubject: Solution to profession bugs   Solution to profession bugs Icon_minitimeFri Jan 11, 2008 4:07 pm

For all those peeps that cant learn from trainers, here is a post on the Bwow forum on how to resolve it:

1. Click on the trainer
2. Type /script BuyTrainerService(number)

In my case~
I was stuck at leatherworking at 75 for a LONG time. The trainer wouldn't teach me.
I needed to learn journeyman
After finding that useful script, i clicked on the trainer, and typed:
/script BuyTrainerService(1)

The number in the bracket is the level of the skill you need to learn
0=apprentice, 1=journeyman...etc

The numbers can be different, for example, someone may need to type "1" for journeyman,
but another person may need to type "2" to learn journeyman.

Just keep trying with the numbers, starting from 0,1,2,3...etc
It should work. I've told a lot of people about how to get their next skill with the script
and it all worked for them. It saves time writing a ticket and waiting for GMs

Good Luck
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Solution to profession bugs
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