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 Lvl 82 imba mage!

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PostSubject: Lvl 82 imba mage!   Lvl 82 imba mage! Icon_minitimeThu May 27, 2010 6:02 pm


Real Name: Emanuel

Country: I'm from Norway, and i live i Oslo

Age: 19

What times can you play: I can play all days, at all times. But I prefer not to
play as much in the weekends cause then I like to hang out with friends.
Probabley best I say that I have a girlfriend so she can maybe take “some” time
aswell. Razz


Character name: Valox

Class: Mage

Race: Blood elf

Talent specialisation: My current specc is (57/3/11) arcane which I use in
raids, PVE. My offspecc is (20/0/51) as frost PvP specc. These are my current
but i can respecc if you want me to.

Main PVE gear: (Armory Link)

Time played (/played):
35 days and 7 hour at LvL at total.

Tell us a little about what your class and specc brings to the raid:
Well, I'm a DPS mage, arcane specced. I know how to play my class
well, and I know what to use at every fight. Though I prefer to play
arcane more than anything, and i do the most dps with arcane specc .. And I do
damage/dps both at AoE adds and bosses.


CPU: 2.83 ghz quadcore

GPU: 896 mb nvida gforce 250 GTX


Internet Connection: stable at 50mbits. Telenor

Operating System: Windows 7.

Additional Information: Very powerfull gaming computer that i bought for around
1 and a half year ago. Still works smoothley.


Past guilds in Lightning's Blade: None in LB (just migrated).

Past guilds in other servers: I was on ravencrest, both as alliance and
before I migrated here. The guilds I've been in are FUNK and The Axemen.

Why did you leave your last guild/s?: I took a break from wow to sort my irl
I had been having some trouble with family and my girlfriend. So left because
of irl issues.
First I started playing for FUNK which is a very nice guild on ravencrest. Then
I moved on to Axmen
cause I had some friends there from before irl. And when i took a brake i hade
to leave and when i started
again I migrated to some close friends to play with them and play as horde.

Endgame experience: Done everything up to ICC10 10/12 and ICC25 8/12, I know
the tacts for all bosses.

Other characters on other servers: I dont have anyothers on this server in high
level my other alts are on Ravencrest.

Why would you like to join serenety?: Its seems like this is a good stable
and mature guild with great progress.
I love a guild where you can have fun
with the other members and fool around, but when it comes to raiding everyone
is serious and well focused
How can you help Serenity?: I can bring a good and serious attitude, good
DPS and hopefully alot great fun.
I can also brind a good sense of humor and
make people laugh.

Do you know any members of Serenity?: No sorry i dont. I have
just migrated to Lightning's Blade.

Additional notes and anything random you'd like to tell us about
yourself: I'm a student at Sandvika college i am currentley at my last year.
At my spare time i ride alot of BMX, Dirt Jump and Downhill biking, And in the
time i do alot of skiing. I also play alot of WoW and hangout with my friends
and party
and things like that.

And last of all, do you have any bad reputation you think we should know
about?: Nope, my reputation is totally clean. ^^

If there is anything additional you would like to know just /w me ingame at "Valox"!

Thank you for youre time
Yours Sincerely,
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I talk a lot
I talk a lot

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Lvl 82 imba mage! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Lvl 82 imba mage!   Lvl 82 imba mage! Icon_minitimeTue Jun 29, 2010 12:23 am

LOL dude, respect for even the effort of writing this, in good old days we could make a nice inst party Smile
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Lvl 82 imba mage!
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