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 hehe XD

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Moonie :)

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PostSubject: hehe XD   hehe XD Icon_minitimeThu Jan 07, 2010 9:20 am

Just digging up some old stuff... :p

This one's from the time Dreams decided to leave WoW.

zigomatic wrote:
Shit man....

If u love dreams so do know Dreams is a man? -.-

Yes SURPRIZE! ...he was keeping it secret because he didnít want to break any of your hearts....

I found out dreams was a man when he told me about how big his penis is...

Anyhow....I did promise not to tell anyone. But its gone to far...nightkidz is my buddy and i dont want him falling for a man...or a woman posing as a man ...who will even after this message claim to be a woman..

Remember. Girls donít understand complex things like computers and...Having how can you even begin to think that dreams is a she?

Here is a list of things you may have noticed that struck you as weird:

1. Dreams if spelled in Croatian is "Smedra"....this word means "Penis" in Latin, so now I ask you...why would she call her self Penis if she is a woman?
2. Dreams rhymes with Creams..."white cream"....get it? "White creamĒ??
3. Because I said so.

So now that you have the proof that I do....DONT FALL IN LOVE WITH DREAMS WIKED GIRLY CHARM THAT ONLY A GIRL COULD HAVE!! ....with todayís modern technology that only a man could understand. She....I mean he has tricked you all into seeing her lie!!!

P.S I love girls.
P.P.S I really do....I just think itís unfair that they get to take leave when they get pregnant...I mean ...I sometimes feel boss doesnít give me a day off does he?


... and when Zigo left. :3

zigomatic wrote:

i love u all, except moonstrider cuz his a she who is a he...fuck!

ok i love moony as well, but in a brotherly manner.

can everyone please post thier email adds? thanks


and my name is "Azi"

and i like cake.

also i hear that bwow will be back...but its going to be just level 70 chars, rep and honor points ....all the items gone

which is fine by me

if this happens i hope we call all play....cuz i love u a non gay manner....cept Gis , cuz gis is gay
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I talk a lot
I talk a lot

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PostSubject: Re: hehe XD   hehe XD Icon_minitimeSat Mar 06, 2010 11:00 pm

OMFG ..... OMFGGGGGGGGGGGG I thot Dreams is she...
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hehe XD
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